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Why use a Solicitor for an Unfair Dismissal?

Although the Employment Tribunals were originally established for employees, the Claimants, to be able to run claims themselves, over the years with the complexity of the Employment Legislations that have been enacted; it is increasingly difficult for Claimants to be able to successfully bring their cases within the full ambit of the law.

Without the benefit of full legal advice Claimants representing themselves may miss out on a head of claim or consider one aspect of the case as the strongest whilst overlooking another aspect which, legally, may be very strong.

We are involved in a substantial number of Tribunal hearings each year and are able to help with every step of the Tribunal process, we can either provide representation for the hearing itself or instruct a barrister to do so on your behalf. Selecting the right barrister is of great importance and we are very highly experienced with employment law chambers and this gives us the ability to professionally select the right barrister for your particular hearing.